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  • Homely, casual ambiance

  • In the oldest part of the Blue City

  • On the foothills of Mehrangarh Fort


Historical context

This illustration is of Natho Ji, Raj Vyas (the chief adviser) of the king of Jodhpur between Indian Calendar 1640 to 1830 (1583 to 1756 A.D). He was the Chief adviser for three kings of Jodhpur (Raja):

Sawai Raja Soor Singh Ji, Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji, Maharaja Jaswant Singh Ji, Amar Niwas was the house of his son, Shree Natho Ji was the forefather of Mr. Amar, who is the owner's (Sunil's) grandfather.

The guesthouse's entrance
Interior view of the guesthouse

About Us

Welcome to Amar Niwas Guesthouse

Amar Niwas Guest House is a 528 years old Heritage Haveli run by a Brahman family, so you can stay in a family atmosphere. Regular care and maintenance of the house keeps it feeling very comfortable for the customers. The original charm and character of the house is preserved with each improvement. The guest house has a unique atmosphere and will leave you with many happy memories of your stay in Jodhpur. Sunil started this guesthouse in January 1999. The house has been in his family for 20th generations and 528 years!

Be one of the many people to stay and enjoy Amar Niwas guesthouse, including famous U.S.A. Hollywood stars such as Adrien Brody and Owen Wilson and the famous French pop-star Leilla Negrau, as well as many, many more.







A wide variety of both traditional Indian and international food is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Fast WiFi is available everywhere in the house, so you can share all of your vacation memories as soon as possible.

Safari tours

We can book you camel and village safaris at a moment's notice.

Safari webpage

Ticket reservations

We can help you with booking any kind of ticket, be it plane, train or bus.


You can enjoy a traditional ayurvedic (herbal) massage, or reflexology.

Yoga and Cooking Classes

Perform authentic Indian activities and learn cooking from our talented Nina.

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Address: 507, Singh Pole Marg, Navchowkiya , Jodhpur, Rajasthan,India

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